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Are you looking for a way to supplement your income? Of course you are!
In today’s economy we all have a need for some extra cash. With NML’s Referral Rewards Program it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
1.Use registration form, right, to sign up for the Referral Rewards Program.
2.Print out the coupons with your code number on them and give them to friends, family,
business associates, etc.
3.By using the coupon, your contacts SAVE 10% on their first order and become registered
as one of your referrals. You now will RECEIVE 8% on all their printing orders!
How easy is that!
You’re saving those you refer money and introducing them to an established, reputable, quality company and in turn making some extra money for yourself.
It’s a win, win, win situation!
As one of our valued customers, you already know our reputation of exceptional quality in all our products and services. Now, all you have to do is pass the word. Tell your associates, friends, neighbors, relatives – anyone who might need our services. They get a great source for all their printing and mailing needs and you get cash in your pocket. You don’t need any knowledge of printing, no high pressure sales techniques, no being involved in the ordering process . . . just simply spread the word. There is no limit to how many accounts you can register and with each referral your potential income will grow – 8% + 8% + 8% + 8% + 8%, etc., etc., etc. – you get the idea. There’s an old expression “you reap what you sow”, so start planting the NML seeds today and you will be reaping the benefits tomorrow.
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Want to know more about this program? Please call Harris at 800-327-5770.
1. Registered referrals may not be previous customers of NML and discounts/fees are not applicable to already placed/completed jobs. People referred by you must present the coupon (or code number) when placing their first order to be applicable for discount and registration for referral program.
2. Discount and referral fees do not apply to list purchase, postage, sales tax or shipping.
3. Referral fee is earned when job is completed and paid for.
4. Referral fees will be paid the first week of the month for referrals earned the previous month.
5. You will need to fill out and return a Form W-9 before payments are released.
6. Referral structure remains intact as long as referred account places a minimum of one order per year.