Every Door Direct Mail
First: Get your route numbers and quantites from the USPS map and send to NML > GET ROUTES
2 windows open, In the USPS window insert the full street address and press the magnifying glass.
Click all the areas you want and press Show Table to get a list of routes you selected. Your routes will be in
Blue, write them down or type them into the second window which is the NML form and press send to NML.
For larger orders or rush turnaround rates call: 800-327-5770 or email NML at: sales@printnml.com
Designed Printed and Delivered to the P.O., all USPS paperwork & Postage included.
CANCELLATIONSAny jobs cancelled after order has been placed will be billed for work done up to that point. The minimum
cancellation charge is $25. Jobs will be automatically cancelled if you fail to respond to Status Checks sent to you via fax.